Integration & Automation

Integration & Automation​

A strong enterprise automation strategy can improve your organization’s approach to business process management and cut costs dramatically Speed Up Provisioning with Orchestration

Tera Consulting can reduce application provisioning time down to minutes requires orchestration of several systems: service catalog, configuration management, continuous integration, financial management, and cloud infrastructure. Link ordering of semi-custom cloud services to your service catalog. Support self-service with pre-approved and approval-based provisioning.

Ensure Repeatable, Standardized Architectures.

Cloud automation begins with a well-designed environment. Bring together popular configuration management technologies with full version control, hybrid cloud portability, and a service catalog. Create and clone repeatable environments for your teams and clients.

Empower Your Team to Operate Large Infrastructure Fleets

Contextually organize resources and applications to reflect your operational requirements. Update and apply security patches across your server fleet. Reduce error-prone, time-consuming, and manual processes. Safely take bulk actions on entire fleets of servers. Keep your cloud applications orderly and secure with automated cloud operations